The Basic

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CAD $75.00

Maybe you’ve been gifted our awesome recipe book or you’re a gourmet chef with your own ideas. You can buy access into the course material to help you along.

This package include:

  • 9 months access to Start Solids Confidently E-course
  • Digital Resource Rescue package

*note: purchase price is for one household only. We appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm for our courses and resources but please do not distribute to others/share access without permission! Thank you for supporting our small business. 

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2 reviews for The Basic

  1. Rebecca

    This workshop definitely lives up to it’s name! I attended when my daughter was just about to start solids and it made me feel very confident about how to approach this new, fun, messy journey with her! Nita’s relaxed (yet safe and research-based) approach to BLW made it seem a lot less intimidating. My daughter is now, after eating solids for four months, a wonderful self-feeder who eats a large variety of foods.

  2. Gillian

    I took the Start Solids Confidently ecourse and found it incredibly helpful. I had already gone through the solid food transition with my older daughter but for some reason I was really hesitant to move away from purees with my youngest. After taking the course (which is filled with such valuable information) I felt much more confident to transition her to table foods. She has been doing so great with her eating and in the last few days has basically been feeding herself (which she didn’t show any interest in for a very long time). I highly recommend this course! I also recommend the recipe ebook – we haven’t tried all the recipes but our baby loves everything we have tried so far.

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