Start Solids Confidently Virtual Workshop July 14 at 7:00 pm CST


This is your opportunity to learn (almost) everything you need to know about Starting Solids for your baby through a live online workshop.

CAD $100.00

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*note: purchase price is for one household only. We appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm for our offerings but please do not distribute to others without permission! Thank you for supporting our small business. 

The workshop will be led by Registered Dietitians, Nita Sharda and Jessica Penner.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The workshop will be held over Zoom (link will be e-mailed to you after purchasing)
  • The expected length of time is about 100 minutes, sometimes, a little longer; we ask that you budget 120 minutes (the time will fly by, we promise!)
  • The workshop is very comprehensive
  • You will have an opportunity to ask experts, Nita and Jess, any questions you may have (however, they may not be able to answer specific questions without a nutrition assessment)
  • You will receive a replay link that allows you 30 days to view the webinar recording
  • We recommend attending the workshop when your baby is between 4 – 8 months; ideally at 5-6months or if you are feeling stuck at the puree texture for an extended period
  • The price includes:


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