An online course to help you feed your baby

Feeding your baby solid food shouldn’t be stressful.

…but for many parents, first time or not, it can be a daunting milestone! A quick internet search will have you feeling like you’re doing it all wrong and you just want to the make the most out of the time with your baby.

We’re Jessica and Nita, the duo that make up Happy Healthy Eaters. We’re mamas first, dietitians second. 

We help parents feel confident about introducing their baby to solid food.

Combined, we’ve fed our 4 boys and have over 21 years of experience in nutrition.

We’ve kept you in mind. We know how long those nights can be and constantly feeling strapped for time. Each lesson is kept short and you can view the course content on your mobile phone or desktop.

We don’t want starting solids to be the reason you’re up all night. #sleepbabysleep

When you learn about and decide to use the Happy Healthy Eaters approach to feeding baby, it all just makes sense.

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Your baby is born to eat. Are you ready to start solids confidently?

Our signature approach, Happy Healthy Eaters combines handheld foods with the opportunity for purees. We recognize the important role that a variety of textures can play in optimizing your baby’s nutrition and success with feeding.

There’s zero-judgement in this space, we’re here to guide you through what feels best for you, and your baby.

Let us share our genius with you.

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Getting your hands on the right information that is practical will save you time, heart ache, and set you up for success.

Attendees from our previously held live workshops report feeling relieved, excited, and confident about nourishing their baby and preparing family friendly meals.

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What you'll learn:

Through bite-sized videos that you can watch at your own pace on any device, we’ll teach you all the ins and outs of starting your baby on solids and how to progress.

Module 1: Goals of Starting Solids

An indepth look at why we transition baby onto solid food and going over a big feeding concern many caregivers have, choking. We also offer helpful tips to prevent choking.

Loud and red, let them go ahead, silent and blue, they need help from you: a rhyme to remember the difference between gagging and choking

Module 2: Feeding Styles

There are a variety of feeding methods that can be employed when you’re getting ready to start your baby on solid food. But, which one is right for you and your family? This module will cover three feeding styles including our signature Happy Healthy Eaters approach.

Module 2: feeding styles

Module 3: When to Start

This module contains important lessons that will help you assess when to best start your baby on solid food. You’ll learn about the risks of starting too soon or too late and you’ll also learn how a 4 month old baby differs from a 6 month old baby.

Module 3

Module 4: Starting Solids

This module is jam packed with a lot of information, so get ready. We will walk you through how to offer solid foods in both puree fashion and handheld. You’ll leave with lots of ideas for all of the major food groups.

Module 4

Module 5: How Much Food to Offer

A common parent question and concern is “how much do I feed my baby” and “how often do I need to feed my baby”. Let’s find the answers to these questions in this module.

how often how much

Module 6: Beverages

When your baby is transitioning to solid food, it’s also a great time to introduce some beverages. This module will review which beverages your baby needs.

starting baby on beverages

Module 7: What to expect

We don’t want there to be any surprises. Let’s review what else you can expect as you embark on feeding your baby. We will review the gag reflux, set the stage for mess and teach you about changes in your baby’s bowel routine.

what else can you expect

Extra Extra!

In case you have additional questions we’ve compiled a module of this course to tackle a few commonly asked questions. Work through the lessons that you feel you’d benefit from most!


We’ve loaded the course with bonus videos showing you babies eating a variety of foods, quick tutorials on how to offer nearly any fruit or veggie, and much more!

What parents have to say...

Highly highly highly recommend. I have absolutely loved the guidance and relatability offered here. The inclusion of international foods and different ways to offer our baby food to help her explore and learn to love food is amazing. We've started with our first and she is definitely embracing the mess and loving eating what mom and dad are. Thank you for all your help and your continued support through this huge milestone in our lives!
R. H.
Absolutely wonderful course. Would recommend to all parents/caregivers even if this isn’t your first time around. We learned so much and now have a very ambitious eater who loves to try new foods! (Well she’s reluctant with some of my recipes.... but always loves Jess and Nita’s!)
Excellent evidence based resources! The course was informative and really did make me feel confident in starting our feeding journey. The sample meal plan in the resources gave me some guidance about how to begin solids and how to introduce allergens safely. The recipe book is fabulous and has many recipes we will be sharing as a family for a long time

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The Basic

Maybe you’ve been gifted our awesome recipe book or you’re a gourmet chef with your own ideas. You can buy access into the course material to help you along.
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  • 9 month access to our course, Start Solids Confidently

The Essential

You want it all and you’re ready to learn how to feed your baby. This package includes everything we have to offer in a bundled price.
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  • 9 month access to our course, Start Solids Confidently
  • Digital recipe book: Whole Food Recipes for your Baby

The Minimalist

A digital package of all our signature handouts; if this is your second, third or fourth go at feeding a baby it might be exactly what you’re looking for!
$ 20
  • Digital Rescue Resources

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The Digital Rescue Resources:

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Whole Food Recipes for Your Baby

Perhaps all you need is some recipe inspiration for feeding your baby!

Our e-book is filled with 25 whole food recipes for starting your baby on solids.

You’ll find both handheld foods and pureed textures. We’ve paid special attention to create recipes that are iron-rich, free of refined sugar, and tasty for the whole family!

Your baby will also have the opportunity to be exposed and develop tolerance to the top priority allergens.

If you’re unsure which package is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. #hereforyou

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