What Every Millennial Mom Needs to Feed a Happy Healthy Baby

birds eye view of baby at high chair

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The minute you know you’re going to become parents, there’s often a list of things to buy.

And with feeding, there’s a list, but we’re minimalists over here!

Here are some kitchen tools you might find helpful but they certainly aren’t mandatory.

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use code HHE10 for 10% off







Floor Protection

Bottle + Formula Feeding

Kitchen Tools & Food Storage


High Chairs

Food Play

Popsicle Molds

We have an awesome e-book for Smoothie and Popsicle Recipes for Your Happy Healthy Eaters designed primarily for 9 months and older (although we have a few recipes you can start at 6 months). Here are some of our favourite popsicle molds. 

Food & Grocery

Fun and Games

Travel Essentials

Starting out by having the right tools is a good first step in feeling confident about feeding your baby. But you might have some other worries about embarking on this next feeding milestone!

We’ve taught hundreds of families how to feed their babies and know that a lot of parents have fears such as “I’m scared by baby will choke!” or “I’m scared I won’t be feeding the right foods and my baby will have a nutritional deficiency!” 

To help ease your mind, we’ve created an e-book to address those fears. It’s 100% free! Just enter your email and we’ll send it to you right away.

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    Hi! We’re both Dietitians & boy mamas! We’re here to help you confidently raise kids who will grow up to be lifelong Happy Healthy Eaters. Dig into our site for kid-tested recipes & feeding tips.