Our new course for toddler parents around the world. For ages 1 - 8

A mockup of some of the bonus resources that come with Feeding Toddlers Confidently

Did your baby transition to toddlerhood, and now you’re a little confused about how to feed them?

Are you tired of mealtime battles with your child?

Do you find yourself constantly worrying if your toddler is getting the right nutrition?

We’ve got all the answers for you! Our e-course will leave you feeling confident about this stage.

Introducing “Feeding Toddlers Confidently,” the ultimate e-course designed to empower parents like you to conquer mealtime challenges and raise happy, healthy eaters!

Feeding toddlers can be really stressful.

You’re concerned about your little one’s growth. 
You’re pulling your hair out in frustration over picky eating battles.
Figuring out when to drop bottles or nursing sessions is confusing.

Your child’s constant snack requests are getting on your nerves.

You stress when your child’s lunch comes home uneaten.

You want to raise intuitive eaters but worry you’re doing it all wrong.

You don’t want to force your child to eat but you’re not sure what else to do.

Your brain is spinning, not knowing how to respond to the things your child says and does.

We’ve got your back!

Empowering you with the education and resources you deserve, so you can be the food parent you want to be. You can count on us.

Remember, you’ll feed your child over 20,000 meals during childhood (snacks not included).
Feeding is parenting. We’re here to support you.

Why Happy Healthy Eaters?

Hey there! We’re Jess and Nita, two moms and friends who also happen to be Registered Dietitians.

There’s an abundance of misinformation out there, leaving parents like you feeling a little lost. We totally get it –  it seems like finding reliable and high-quality resources is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: we want to support parents like you in raising happy, healthy eaters without all the stress and uncertainty. We know firsthand the challenges you face, and that’s why we’ve poured our hearts into creating this online course.

Jess and Nita registered dietitians with their four children

Sign up for "Feeding Toddlers Confidently" now, and let's embark on this journey together!

We recommend signing up for the course when your child is between 10-12 months old to help with the transition from babyhood to toddlerhood but the material applies well into your child’s elementary years. 

Yes! All our videos include English language closed captioning, which you can choose to turn on or off. 

We’ve designed the course with busy schedules in mind. In total there are X minutes on content but you can jump back and forth to watch the content that’s applicable to you at any given point in time.

We may have gone a little overboard with our bonuses as we’ve included 11 high value downloadable resources for you! We’re really passionate about making sure you’re fully equipped for these toddler years! See the full list of bonuses below.

+ these bonuses to help bring your feeding goals to life faster!

if you’re doing the math – that’s more than $55 of bonuses if you were to buy them separately!

Lunches for Littles cover page

Lunches for Littles

($18 CAD value)

This guide will become your best friend when prepping lunches for your 1-8 year old!

Dietitian-designed, we’ve gathered all our tried and tested tips we use with our own kids and when working with families in private practice.

In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • The basic building blocks of a healthy balanced lunch
  • Our top nutrient “boosters” to add in extra nutrition
  • Strategies to prevent and navigate picky eating
  • 30 sample lunches to send to daycare/school or options when you’re at home
  • How much food to send and what to do when lunches come back uneaten
  • Our favourite tools to make lunchtime packing a breeze
  • A dietitian-written lunchbox note to empower your little eater to eat intuitively
Lunches for Littles cover page
Toddler Snack Plan cover image

Toddler Snack Plan

($12 CAD value)

Ever feel at a loss for serving whole food snacks to your kids? Allow us to ease your mental load with our snack plan!

We’ve curated four weeks of easy snack ideas to nourish your child with a variety of foods. 

You’ll get:

  • 4 weeks of 2 pre-planned snacks each day (can be stretched out to an 8 week plan if your family only eats 1 snack each day)
  • Grocery lists for each week
  • Recipes for all snacks (don’t worry – not all snacks require “making something!”)
  • A planned prep day with assigned tasks so you’re 100% ready to take on the week
Toddler Snack Plan cover image

Hands On Food Play

($12 CAD value)

Becoming comfortable with a variety of foods can start at playtime! One of our kids’ top “learning languages” is play! By adding food play ideas, your toddler will be exposed to new and familiar foods without any pressure to eat them. 

In this book you’ll get:

  • 18 food play activity tutorials
  • 9 printable templates to supplement some of the activities
Cover page for the guide to grocery shopping for toddlers

Guide to Grocery Shopping for Your Toddler

($3 CAD value)

One of our core nutrition philosophies is that “all foods can fit,” meaning we don’t feel that any single food should be completely banned. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the nutritional value of the food served to kids! Which is why we have certain nutrition parameters we typically use when selecting products to serve to our kids. 

In this guide, you’ll find the nutritional criteria we use as parents, and Dietitians, for selecting:

  • crackers
  • yogurt
  • cereal
  • snack bars
  • bread
  • pasta
  • milk alternatives
Cover page for the guide to grocery shopping for toddlers
Cover page for What to Say to Your Kid When... sample scripts

What to Say to Your Kid When...


If you ever feel at a loss for words for how to respond to your kids in a way that aligns with your feeding philosophy, we’ve prepared some sample scripts for you to use. Please use these as a springboard and adapt to your voice.


We’ve included scripts for what to say when your kid sees a food and exclaims “yuck!”, what to say if your child is constantly asking for sweets or snacks, what to say if your child doesn’t want to come to the table when it’s mealtime, and many more!

Cover page for What to Say to Your Kid When... sample scripts
Calcium Connection for Kids guide cover page

Calcium and Iron Guides

($10 value)

Your toddler has a particular need for several key nutrients to optimize their growth and development. A couple of those nutrients are calcium and iron so we’ve created detailed guides to help you plan meals and snacks to ensure your kiddos are getting enough! If your households are exclusively or primarily plant-based, these will be particularly useful to you!

Calcium Connection for Kids guide cover page
cover image for visual breakfast planner for tots

Visual Breakfast Planner for Tots

($3 value)

We’ve both found it immensely helpful to develop a visual breakfast planner with our children. So much so, we used your help to create a breakfast planner. This is an interactive resource where you can get creative. Here’s to smooth sailing in the morning and more variety

cover image for visual breakfast planner for tots

Start feeding confidently today!