Snacking Made Easy [80+ kid friendly snack ideas!] 

This is the last list you’ll ever need when you’re looking for snack inspiration for your toddler or school-aged kids. Bookmark it, Pin It, and check back often because the list is always expanding!
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You just finished putting the lunch leftovers away, wiping the table from all the soup splashes, sweeping up the toast crumbs, and all you want to do is flop onto the couch for a bit of mindless scrolling.

But your toddler has other plans.

“Mama, can I have a snack?” 

“Say what? Didn’t I just feed you?” … well, at least she asked politely. 

Since you’re tired and unmotivated, it’s tempting to pull out the goldfish and call it a day. 

And that’s what we call the “snack trap!” Been there? Yup, us too. 

If snacks are habitually store-bought or in crinkly packages, kids are more drawn to them over regular meal foods. I mean, can we blame them? The packaging is so oooohhh, ahhhhh, illusive and seductive. The truth is, kids will often hold out and not eat at mealtimes if they know that “snack foods” are coming soon. Essentially, it goes like this “hmm, I don’t have to try ABC food because I know mama/papa will give me XYZ” food. 

The solution? Think of snacks more as mini meals instead of a type of food. 

Below we’ve curated more than 80 snack ideas so that you’re never left wondering what to offer for snacks! 

To make it more practical, we suggest setting aside a bit of time each week to snack prep a few of these ideas so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

Got an idea? Add it in the comments!

Toddler Snack Plan

Ever feel at a loss for serving whole food snacks to your kids? Allow us to ease your mental load with our snack plan!

We’ve curated four weeks of easy snack ideas to nourish your child with a variety of foods. 

You’ll get:

  • 4 weeks of 2 pre-planned snacks each day (can be stretched out to an 8 week plan if your family only eats 1 snack each day)
  • Grocery lists for each week
  • Recipes for all snacks (don’t worry – not all snacks require “making something!”)
  • A planned prep day with assigned tasks so you’re 100% ready to take on the week

Kids Love to Dip!

For a balanced snack, aim to offer foods from 2-3 food groups, making sure one of which is a fruit or a vegetable.
Jess & Nita
Registered Dietitians
A collage of dipping snacks for kids: brownie batter dip, edamame dip, and brown bean dip.

Kids Love to Sip!

For more smoothie recipes, check out our e-book!
collage of kid-friendly smoothies

Kids Love to Pick it Up!

Remember, if you’re on the go and the food you brought is perishable, pack the snack in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack.

A colalge of snacks including aussie bites, energy balls, and mini muffins.

Kids Love Food on Sticks!

For more popsicle recipes, check out our e-book!
A collage of snacks kids can eat on sticks.

Kids Love to Slurp!

A collage of kid-friendly puddings.

Kids Love to Play!

These ‘snacktivities’ double up as both a snack and a play activity.

Did you know that playing with food actually counts as food exposure? Yeah, even if your kiddo didn’t eat the food. That’s why we’re huge believers in the science of sensory and food play. So much so, we created a booklet that includes 17+ Hands on Food Play Ideas which is our go to resource for picky eaters too. There’s even a recipe for edible paint and a neat idea for veggie scraps! 

You can find it in our e-course, Feeding Toddlers Confidently along with 10 other bonuses! 

We hope you feel better armed for when the snack attack creeps up on you knowing you have a plethora of options that are not only easy and tasty but also offer up your kiddo nutrition to fuel all the wonder and magic in their day!

Did we miss something?

If you’ve got a great snack idea that your kiddo loves, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

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